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.: W e l c o m e :.

Welcome Banner by socksyy
Tiny Heart by socksyy Tonya | 17 | ♀ | Plushies | Telltale Tiny Heart by socksyy

Hello! ^u^ There's not much to say about me. I'm obsessed with plushies and video games~
I love dark and cute things :'D
I'm also extremely emotional and a very nervous person in real life haha!
If you're nice to me I'll be nice to you n.n Thank you for visiting!

My perfect lovely~ >u<

:icondarkamnesiac: Tiny Heart by socksyy :iconfallenpeach:

Stuff for Profile : Hearts_Center by Ennyri

The Wolf Among Us Stamp by angelbebop8 TWD Game Stamp by angelbebop8 Amnesia The Dark Descent Stamp by DoctorDraca

Super Mario 64 Stamp by StampPKU Silly Yoshi Stamp by Latte3000 pikachu stamp by Neji-x-Hyuuga

Party Hard Stamp by ecokitty We love you Derpy Hooves by raygirl SonAmy Stamp by sonamy-fans

::MLP:FiM: Twilight Stamp:: by AppleDanish Scootaloo - stamp by A-Ponies-Love Fluttershy is Best Pony by Madame-Fluttershy

five nights at freddy's stamp by kawaiicunt-stamps .:Nom nom Toothless:. by OxAmy i collect PLUSHIES! stamp by RRRAI

Taiga Stamp by Kibby47 Mei ( Arashi no Yoru ni ) - S T A M P by mr-tiaa Ib Stamp by yumacchi

I love Leopard Geckos by WishmasterAlchemist I love Bearded Dragons by WishmasterAlchemist I love Sharks by WishmasterAlchemist

Stuff for Profile : Hearts_Center by Ennyri


Fluttershy Sprite by Millaii
Tiny Heart by socksyy Plushies in progress / Will be working on Tiny Heart by socksyy
:bulletpink: Chica FNAF (5%)
:bulletpink: Foxy FNAF (5%)

Stuff for Profile : Hearts_Center by Ennyri


Tiny Heart by socksyy FAQ Tiny Heart by socksyy

:bulletpink: Do you take commissions?
:bulletyellow: No, I'm sorry :c

:bulletpink: What fabric do you use?
:bulletyellow: It's called minky cuddle 3!

:bulletpink: Do you share your patterns?
:bulletyellow: Not usually. But sometimes I trade them.


Tiny Heart by socksyy Made by keterok Tiny Heart by socksyy


Jan 26, 2015
8:38 pm
Jan 26, 2015
6:24 pm
Jan 26, 2015
3:52 pm
Jan 25, 2015
7:42 am
Jan 25, 2015
1:30 am


Tiny Heart by socksyy Plushies Tiny Heart by socksyy

:: Talking Derpy Hooves Plushie :: by Fallenpeach :: Singing Fluttershy Plushie :: by Fallenpeach .: Filly Fluttershy Plush :. by Fallenpeach

Derpy Hooves plush with socks ! by Fallenpeach :: Mini Applejack Plushie :: 4SALE by Fallenpeach :: Fluffy Pinkie Pie :: by Fallenpeach

Beanie Commissions! by Fallenpeach The Ponies say hello! by Fallenpeach 2 Derps :D by Fallenpeach

:: Flutterbat Plushie :: by Fallenpeach :: Mini Derpy Plushie  :: by Fallenpeach Com: Fluttershy Beanie by Fallenpeach

:: Scootaloo Beanie Plush :: by Fallenpeach .: Pinkie Pie Beanie :. by Fallenpeach .: Vinyl Scatch Plush :. by Fallenpeach

Flying Fluttershy by LimboNoBaka
Stuff for Profile : Hearts_Center by Ennyri


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TheAlpacaQueen Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Student General Artist
Hello :D When Chica goes up for sale, will it be straight sale or bid??
Paige-does-speedart Featured By Owner 2 days ago  New member Student Digital Artist
Hi I'm new and I just read the welcome thingy and i am the same :) except I'm 14 XD
Bissco Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Hnng. Your plushies are awesome...I can't wait to see your FnAF...nearly as I can't wait for season 3 of TWDG and season. 5.5 of TWD. :3
Valzed Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2015
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How u code page ;-;
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